Layaway Terms and Conditions


1. Downpayment:

  • Customers are required to make a down payment of 50% of the total purchase price of the luxury bag at the time of initiating the layaway agreement.
  • The down payment is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another item.
  • No further discounts are applicable since we do not charge interest on layaway purchases.

2. Payment Schedule:

  • The remaining balance of the purchase price must be paid within two months from the date of the down payment.
  • Payments will be divided into two equal installments:
    • 25% of the total purchase price is due one month from the date of the down payment.
    • The final 25% of the total purchase price is due two months from the date of the down payment.

3. Payment Methods:

  • Payments can be made using cash, credit card, or any other payment method accepted by the store.

4. Holding Period:

  • The item will be held by the store during the layaway period.
  • The item will only be released to the customer upon full payment of the remaining balance.

5. Late Payments:

  • If a customer fails to make a payment by the specified due date, the layaway agreement may be canceled at the discretion of the store.
  • In the event of cancellation due to late payments, the down payment will not be refunded, and the item will be returned to inventory.

6. Exchange and Returns:

  • The down payment and any payments made toward the layaway purchase are non-refundable.
  • The item selected during the layaway agreement cannot be exchanged for another item.

7. Completion of Layaway:

  • Once the full balance is paid, the customer may take possession of the luxury bag.
By entering into this layaway agreement, the customer acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the cancellation of the layaway agreement, with the down payment being forfeited.

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