What is Freya Collective?

Freya Collective is an online marketplace especially curated for preloved luxury bags enthusiasts. Both buyers and sellers are welcome to divulge themselves on the benefits of buying preloved fashion!

Join us in the Circular Fashion Revolution! Not only can we enjoy luxury at almost 80% off retail price, we also help in making the fashion industry more sustainable. We connect previous owners and excited buyers in order for your preloved bags to have a second life! 


Our brand came from the goddess Freya and just like her, we believe that women are smart, restless, and in tune with her self. She may be determent and stubborn, and takes a crap from no one but that is only because she knows her worth and what she is capable of. 

Freya Collective is built by this age's Freyas who strongly advocate for women empowerment so 5% of our profits are pooled to provide scholarship for deserving ladies from top state universities in the country every semester. 

Authenticity? Sustainability? Women Empowerment?  

So, what are you waiting for?



Disclaimer: Freya Collective is not associated nor affiliated with the brands mentioned in the website. All copyrights are reserved to the original brand holders. 

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